Black Labrador Puppies


Black Labrador Puppies

Although in the first year you will be advised not to give your puppy too much exercise, once they are mature labradors need lots of exercise. This must include some lead work but also plenty of free off lead exercise. Labradors love water so you will rarely come home with a clean dry dog. With this in mind please ask yourself, do you have somewhere at home where you can clean and dry your dog?

Labradors have a double coat, therefore plenty of towels will be essential to give your dog a good rub down to dry him off. If possible try to get you Labrador to swim whilst still a puppy. Labradors really love this exercise when they are young, and when they are older it is an excellent way to exercise the muscles whilst keeping the weight off their joints.

A Labrador lives for approximately 12-14 years, so the work that you put into them for the first few years will be well worth it and you will reap the rewards for many years to come.

We live on a working farm where all our black labrador puppies are introduced to other animals at a young age, as well as meeting our very young grandchildren who also live here. Our dogs live with us in the house and our black labrador puppies are born indoors where they are handled by us all and treated as yet another member of our very large and happy family. Our labrador puppies are superb family pets, as well as having championship show winning potential.

We are reputable established breeders of black, yellow and chocolate labradors. Puppies are occasionally available, bred from hip/eye tested parents of superb quality from long-established proven bloodlines, with wonderful temperaments. It is an enormous responsibility buying a black labrador puppy, and labradors frequently live well into their teens. We are here throughout your labrador's lifetime to offer help and advice throughout the dog's life.