Yellow Labrador Puppies     

Yellow Labrador Puppies

Before buying a dog, lots of things should be considered, such as: How often do you go on holiday? Even if you have no plans to holiday this year, what about the next 14 years? If you are considering boarding kennels while you go away then have you considered the extra expense? What if something happens and your dog needs extra care due to injury or illness. Can you afford the insurance to cover the costly vet fees which can come at any time, don’t forget the excess!
We are reputable and established breeders of black, yellow and chocolate labradors. Puppies are occasionally available, bred from health tested parents of superb quality bloodlines with wonderful temperaments.

As a potential owner of one of our yellow labrador puppies, you need to carefully consider the huge responsibility and long-term commitment of buying a labrador puppy which is going to mature into a large, strong dog requiring plenty of daily exercise. Homes where the puppy is to be left alone all day are unsuitable, as labradors require company, affection, house-training and exercise. It is necessary to have a fully-fenced garden and, whilst yellow labrador puppies are wonderful with small children, puppies should not be regarded as their toys and need to be looked after very well.

Here are some of our Llanstinan yellow labrador puppies. A litter is bred when we are looking for another youngster to show. Our dogs are of a very high quality, and the puppies looking for loving permanent homes are of that same top quality.

Our yellow labrador puppies are delightful, high spirited and energetic. Labradors love their daily excercise which can include family play sessions, lead walks, free running, swimming and running around in a secure well fenced garden. Labradors thrive on exercise, attention and stimulation.

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