Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Our dogs are championship show winners, and our puppies are bred from hip X rayed, eye tested parents of superb quality from long-established proven bloodlines, with wonderful temperaments.

We would like potential Labrador owners to realise that it is a huge responsibility and long-term commitment purchasing a chocolate labrador puppy, which is going to mature into a large, strong dog requiring plenty of daily exercise.

Homes where the puppy is to be left alone all day are unsuitable, as labradors require company, affection, house-training and exercise. It will be necessary to have a fully-fenced garden and, whilst our labradors are wonderful with small children, puppies should not be regarded as their toys and they must be very well cared and above all loved.


About Lynda and Derek

Our first litter of chocolate Labrador puppies was born at Llanstinan 45 years ago.  Since then family life at Llanstinan has included a house full of Labradors, later to include blacks and yellows.The first litter was bred to give Lynda's 4 young children an insight into life with Labradors. All Llanstinan labrador puppies are insured, microchipped and have excellent pedigrees.

They are sturdy chunky puppies with lovely heads and superb outgoing temperaments. They are always whelped in the house, are lavishly reared and are very well socialised with other animals and small children. Lots of relatives of the puppies are resident at Llanstinan, including mother, sometimes father, grandmother, and great grandmother, along with aunts and uncles who all welcome visitors giving a true labrador welcome.

Puppies leave for their new homes after they have been checked by the Vet and micro-chipped. They leave with a full puppy pack which includes copies of both parents' health certificates, a 5 generation pedigree, contract of sale and a detailed diet sheet.

A copy of Ann Britton's book 'Labrador Retriever' - understanding and caring for your breed, is also given to each new puppy owner. The author of this excellent book, Ann Britton has spent a lifetime with labradors. She judged bitches at Crufts 2014, she is an international show judge and is a breeder of Champion labradors. She also has a weekly column in 'Our Dogs'. Her dogs, several which have Llanstinan breeding, can be seen on

Chocolate labrador puppies are a very big part of every Llanstinan family album, with labradors featuring much more than Lynda and Derek's four children. The children used to dress them up, sleep with them, play with them, and love them. Now the children are all grown up, their own children all have an endless passion for our gorgeous chocolate brown labrador puppies.

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